Customizing a blog template

A blog theme is made from a collection of templates that control the look of the blog. You can customize theme templates and save a new theme for a blog.

Before you begin

You must be a blog owner or administrator to edit blog templates.
Important: Blog-level customization is turned off by default. If you enable this feature and allow users to customize their blog templates, the end user is then responsible for updating the templates following a migration. Some customized templates may not work after migration.

About this task

You can edit the templates that define the layout, colors and fonts of your blog. Before you can edit the templates for the theme, you must choose to customize the theme. Customizing theme templates involves editing the source HTML for the template files. You should only do this if you are comfortable editing HTML files.
Restriction: Only modification to the HTML is supported. Do not change any calls that retrieve data from the blog system or your blog may fail to work.


  1. From the My Blogs page, click Settings for the blog you want to customize.
    Note: If you are the Blogs site administrator and want to edit the theme for the Blogs home page, find the blog which serves as Blogs Homepage on the Site Settings section, on the Configuration page of the Administration tab. You can customize the theme for the home page in the same way you customize the theme for any blog.
  2. Click Theme.
  3. Choose the theme you want to customize and click Customize.
    The templates for that theme are now available for you to edit from the Templates page. Note that the Customize button is only available if the Allow custom themes setting is enabled for the site.
  4. Click Templates.
    The templates for the current blog display.
  5. Click Edit to modify a template.
    See the examples for guidelines about how to make common customization changes.
  6. Save changes you make to the template.
  7. Click Remove to remove a template.
    You cannot delete a required template.