Managing community folders

Create community folders and use them to organize files.

About this task

You can add community owned files to community folders.

Note: The following restrictions apply to community folders:
  • You can put community owned files only in community folders.
  • You can put a community owned file in only one community folder.


Perform the following tasks to manage community folders.
  • To create a new community folder, click Add Folders in either the Files app on the Community Overview page or the Community Files page.
  • To add a community owned file to a folder, click Add Files on the Community Files page and select one of the following file sources: My Computer or Files. Click Share Files when you have made your selection.
  • To create a nested subfolder, take the following steps:
    1. On the Community File page, select Folders.
    2. Click the folder to which you want to add the subfolder.
    3. Click folder action menu icon Arrow icon and then select New Folder....
    4. Enter a folder name and optional description, then click Create.
  • To move files from one folder to another:
    1. Select the file you want to move, and select More > Move to....
    2. Select the folder you want to move the file to in the Move to... window and click Move.
    3. Alternatively, you can select multiple files or folders and drag them to another folder in the community navigation bar. You can drag and drop personal files and folders, or community files and folders, as long as you have Edit rights.
  • To move a folder into another folder, select the folder and drag it to another folder in the Community navigation bar. You can drag and drop personal folders, or community folders, as long as you have Edit rights