Creating string properties files

Create property files to contain translated strings for when HCL Connections Engagement Center is used in other languages.

  1. For each language, create a properties file in the <CUSTOMIZATION_DIR>/strings directory. The properties file is a text file that uses the following format for the file name: ibm.resources.ICEC{_language}.properties, as shown in the following image:
    File name syntax
  2. In the property file for a specific language, create a label called "ICEC2" and provide a name to display in the navigation list as shown in the following image:
    ICEC2=Community Home (ICEC)

    Navigation list
  3. Create a label called "ICEC.desc" and provide a brief description to display in the Add apps menu.
    ICEC.desc=ICEC - the Web Content Management Extension enhances HCL Connections with classic Web CMS capabilities to create an integrated Social Intranet.
  4. Save and close the file.