HCL Connections proxy configuration

For the Clipping, IFrame, and ATOM/RSS Feed widgets it is necessary to configure the Connections Ajax proxy. Start the wsadmin client by completing the following steps (the following example is for a windows server, for other operating systems please refer to the IBM documentation).

Step Instructions


Open a command prompt and then change to the following directory of the system on which you installed the deployment manager:



Enter the following command to start the wsadmin client:

wsadmin -lang jython -user {admin_user_id} -password {admin_password} -port {SOAP_CONNECTIOR_ADRESS_PORT}


Enter the following command to access the HCL Connections configuration



Check out the Proxy Config File to a directory of your choice and make a backup of this file.

LCConfigService.checkOutProxyConfig("<directory>", "<cell-name>")


Open the proxy-config.tpl file and search for <!-- BEGIN CUSTOMIZATIONS HERE -->.

Now you need to comment in this section:

<proxy:policy url="{URL}" acf="none" basic-auth-support="true">


Then you have to check in the configured file.

LCConfigService.checkInProxyConfig("<directory>", "<cell-name>")

After the configuration you have to full synchronize the nodes first and restart the Application server(s) then.


After successful configuration of the Ajax Proxy, you will be able to use this URLs for example: