Updating Waltz and Sonata Jars

After you upgrade Content Engine (CE) to version + IF003 by using the update-ce script, the old waltz.jar and sonata.jar files are used in the FileNetEngine application. Since these older files are used, some fixes are not included in the updated IBM Connections environment.

Before you begin

If you are migrating, you must restore FileNet components before you update the Waltz and Sonata Jars. For more information, see Restoring FileNet components after migrating to IBM Connections 6.0

About this task

If you used update-ce.bat or update-ce.sh to update to Content Engine IF003, then after the update, you also need to update the waltz.jar and sonata.jar files as follows:


  1. In the WebSphere Application Server Integrated Solutions console, navigate to Applications > Application Types > WebSphere Enterprise Applications.
  2. Select the FileNetEngine application, and then click Update.
  3. For Application update options, select the Replace, add, or delete multiple files option.
  4. Select the local file system if you are running the browser on the Deployment Manager node and then locate the <connections_root>/xkit/filenetConfig/ce_waltz_patch.zip file.
    Note: If the browser is not running on the Deployment Manager (DM) node, then select remote file system and choose the DM file system and locate the ce_waltz_patch.zip file.
  5. Click Next and OK to update the application, then click Save.
  6. In the WebSphere Application Server Integrated Solutions console, click System Administration > Nodes.
  7. Select the check boxes for all application server nodes (CE was deployed) and click Full Resynchronize.
  8. Restart the FileNetEngine application.