Giving the IBM® Connections administrator access to an existing FileNet® deployment

If you have an existing FileNet® deployment, in which you installed FileNet® servers independently of IBM® Connections, you must make the IBM® Connections administrator a valid administrator on the FileNet® system. The easiest way to do that is to make the Connections administrator a user in a shared LDAP. The user name must not have any spaces.

About this task

Follow this procedure to assign the IBM® Connections administrator access to an existing FileNet deployment. Skip this procedure if you installed Connections Content Manager with IBM® Connections as a new FileNet® deployment; administrator access is granted automatically for both products because they are installed in a single cell.


  1. On the FileNet® Deployment Manager, restart the Deployment Manager (DM) and then log into the DM again.
  2. Click Users and Groups > Administrative user roles and then click Add.
  3. Select Administrator from the Roles option and then search for the IBM® Connections administrator.
  4. Select the administrator and use the move arrow button to add that user's name to the Mapped to role option.
    Note: Ensure that this user ID does not have spaces in the name.
  5. Click OK and then click Save.
  6. Log out of the DM.
  7. Restart the DM and the nodes.
  8. Log into the DM using the new administrator credentials.