Optional: Installing and configuring the Ephox Editors for IBM Connections

IBM® Connections 6.0 CR5 can use the optional Ephox Editors: TinyMCE or Textbox.io, to replace the IBM® Connections default rich text editor.

IBM® Connections 6.0 CR 5 provides three rich text editor choices that can be deployed to your end users:
  • Default: Rich Text CK Editor
  • Ephox Editors:
    • TinyMCE
    • Textbox.io
The Ephox Editors can be used to replace the default rich text editor through the installation of the optional Ephox Editors for IBM Connections package. If you choose to deploy TinyMCE or Textbox.io to replace the default editor, either the TinyMCE or Textbox.io editors will be consistent throughout the IBM® Connections interface, affecting the authoring for blogs, wikis, profiles, forums, activities, and communities.

Ephox Editors for IBM Connections can be installed for all users. The editors also provide a fallback capability, so if for any reason, Administrators who choose to deploy TinyMCE or Textbox.io can switch back to the default CK Editor.

The Ephox Editors for IBM Connections package is provided as part of your IBM® Connections entitlement. The Ephox editors provide a number of significant capabilities beyond the default IBM® Connections editor.

Table 1. Editor feature comparison
TinyMCE 5 Textbox.io 2.2 Default CK Editor
  • A brand new user interface
  • Improved copy-paste
  • On the fly spell checking
  • Enhanced media embedding
  • Real time link checking
  • Full screen editing mode.
So much more, see TinyMCE 5 Content Editing Features.
  • Multi-lingual spell checking as-you-type with auto correction
  • Advanced copy and paste ability from Microsoft Word, including image assets from Microsoft Word documents
  • Copy and paste of images
  • Additional local image insert options
  • Full screen editing mode
  • Significantly improved table editing .
Note: See How image uploading works for Textbox.io for information on restrictions to uploading images.
Note: Customers should contact Tiny (formerly Ephox) directly if they are looking for accessibility conformance statements (VPAT or WCAG document) for the optional editor, Textbox.io.
The default rich text editor delivered in IBM Connections offers core editor capabilities for creating HTML content within IBM® Connections, but users may experience some limitations with functionality when pasting content, spell checking, or working with tables.