How image uploading works for support the uploading of local images inserted into the editor either directly or via import from Microsoft Word.

Insert Local Images supports the insertion of images local to an end user's machine for Wikis, Blogs, Activities and Forums.
Restriction: For all other applications, including Communities, local image insertion is disabled.
How to insert local images
You can insert images as follows:
  • Using the Insert Image dialog box, accessed via the "+" menu's Insert Image
  • Dragging-and-dropping into the editor, for example, from OSX Finder or Windows Explorer
  • Copying-and-pasting from a Microsoft Word document.
Dialog boxes
For image upload, uses either an IBM Connections or a dialog box.
  • Wikis and Blogs use the IBM Connections dialog box.
  • Forums and Activities use the dialog box.
Where images are uploaded to
Images are uploaded as attachments to the content item. does not use the Files application for any uploads.
When are images uploaded?
  • For Wikis, Blogs and Forums, images are uploaded as soon as they are inserted into the document.
  • For Activities, images are uploaded when the content is saved.