Uninstalling Cognos Metrics for Linux and AIX®

Uninstall Cognos Metrics on Linux or AIX systems.


  1. Extract Cognos® Wizard as follows:
    1. Extract to a directory on the server, such as /opt/build/IBM_Cognos_Install_Linux.
    2. Access the CognosWizard/native folder.
    3. Extract CognosBIConfig_unix.tar.
    4. Copy the following files from the bin folder in CognosBIConfig_unix.tar to the bin folder in %COGNOS_CONFIG_PATH%:
      • cognos-uninstall.bat
      • removeCognosCluster.py
      • removeCognosServer.py
      • uninstallCognosApps.py
      • uninstallCognosDMApps.py
      • validateDM.py
  2. Grant permission to cognos-uninstall.sh using the following command:
    chmod 777 cognos-uninstall.sh
  3. Restore the PASSWORD REMOVED in cognos-setup.properties to the original password unless the passwords were not removed during installation.
  4. Run the Cognos® uninstall process using the following format:
    For a federated, clustered node, run
    #./cognos-uninstall.sh -addNode=true
    Note: If you have not entered information for deployment manager and cluster, the console will prompt for them during the validation.
    For a stand-alone environment, run
  5. Wait for the script to complete running.