Validating the Cognos® server installation

Verify that the IBM® Cognos® BI server and Cognos® Transformer server are correctly installed.

Before you begin

Make sure the Cognos® server is running.

About this task

For configuration tips and information on troubleshooting the Cognos® Business Intelligence installation, see Troubleshooting Cognos® Business Intelligence.


  1. Locate the|bat script in the Cognos install directory.
  2. Edit the file and verify that it contains the appropriate values for each property. If all passwords were removed from this file the last time it was used, you must either add the passwords again, or pass them in from the command line when you run the|bat script.
  3. Find and execute the commands that need to run before manually running the script to build a cube in Configuring Cognos Business Intelligence after installation.
  4. Run the|bat script.


Output from this operation is stored in the /CognosSetup/cognos-verify.log file. In this log file, the status of Cognos® BI server and Transformer server displays at the end.
Note: If you encounter a parameter validation error when running the|bat script, correct the error and run the script again.

What to do next

If you deployed Cognos® Business Intelligence as a prerequisite step to installing IBM® Connections, continue to the next section, Installing IBM® Connections. You will complete the Cognos® configuration tasks after you install the Connections applications.

If you originally installed IBM® Connections without first deploying Cognos® Business Intelligence and are now deploying the Cognos® server, skip the Connections installation topics (which you have already completed) and instead go directly to Configuring Cognos® Business Intelligence.