Preparing the database wizard for SQL Server

Before you can use the wizard to create databases for your IBM® Connections deployment, prepare the database server.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have given the necessary permissions to the user IDs that need to log in to the database system and access the IBM® Connections Wizards directory. If you are planning to create multiple database instances, prepare and run the database wizard once for each instance.

About this task

To prepare the database wizard, complete the following steps:


  1. Log in to your database server as system administrator.
  2. Start the database instance:
    Note: Run the database commands under the user account that has administrative access to the database.
    • Microsoft Windows:
      Note: Windows registers most database instances as a service. You can start or stop a database service manually if necessary.
      • SQL Server
        1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
        2. Connect the database instance.
        3. Start the database instance from the studio.
  3. Copy the Wizards directory in the IBM® Connections installation media to the system that hosts the database server.
    • If you have more instances, exit from the current instance and repeat this step for each instance.