Creating the Cognos® administrator account

Create a new user, or select an existing user in the LDAP directory to serve as the administrator of the IBM® Cognos® BI Server component (you will add the administrator credentials to a configuration script when you deploy Cognos® Business Intelligence).

About this task

Attention: The Cognos® administrator account must reside in the same LDAP directory used by IBM® Connections.

If you will use an existing LDAP account, take note of the user name and password. For example, if your organization already has a Cognos® deployment, you might choose to use the same administrator account with Connections.

If an acceptable account does not exist already, create it now; again, note the credentials for use later.

For more information on using an LDAP directory with Cognos®, see Configuring IBM® Cognos® Components to Use an Authentication Provider in the Cognos® information center.

Note: The Cognos administrator user name should be the value of the first LDAP attribute used to log in to IBM Connections. Refer to the Log in attribute described in Step 1 of the topic Preparing to configure the LDAP directory.