Creating databases

Create databases for the applications that you plan to install. You can use the database wizard or run the SQL scripts that are provided with IBM® Connections.

IBM® Connections is built over a collection of applications. Before you install IBM® Connections itself, you must create databases. Each application requires its own database, except Moderation, News, and Search. The Moderation application does not have an associated database or content store, while the News and Search applications share the Homepage database.

There are two methods available to create your databases: SQL scripts and the database wizard. Using SQL Scripts allows you to have more control as you manually create and place databases. The database wizard automates the process of creating databases for the applications that you plan to install. It is a more reliable method for creating databases because it validates the databases as you create them.

Note: The user who runs the database wizard must have write access to the folder the database wizard uses for the installation.
Consult your database documentation for detailed information about preparing your databases.
Note: You must have already created and started a database instance before you can create databases.
If you install the database for IBM® Connections Content Manager, it creates two databases: Global Configuration Database and Object Store.

Complete the procedures that are appropriate for your deployment: