Installing the Ephox Editor for a role-based deployment

Install the role-based deployment feature for the Ephox Editor, which is packaged as a standard JEE EAR file and can be installed with either the IBM® WebSphere® Integrated Solutions console or your own installation process.

About this task

The following documentation details how to perform the installation with the WebSphere® Application Server Integrated Solutions console.


  1. Update the config.js file to set the editor to role-based deployment.
    1. Set the editor: parameter to editor: role-based.
    2. Add roleBasedDeployment: true to the file.
  2. Log in to the WebSphere® Application Server Integrated Solutions console. By default this is https://your server:9043/ibm/console.
    1. Click New Application > New Enterprise Application.
    2. Specify the EphoxEditorsForConnections.ear file that is included in the root directory of the Ephox Editor for IBM Connections package, and then click Next.
    3. Select the Fast Path installation option and click Next.
  3. Install New Application as follows:
    1. Leave all values as their default settings and click Next.
    2. Ensure that the application is installed to the server running IBM Connections as follows:
      1. Select the check box for the EphoxEditorsForConnections module.
      2. Select the server/cluster/node where the Common application is located from the drop-down list. Also, include your web server.
        Note: Be sure to include the web server so that a fallback to the default editor does not occur.
      3. Click Apply and then click Next.
    3. Click Finish to complete the application installation.
    4. The application server displays the installation status. When the application installs, click Save.
    5. Restart the web server to ensure that the plug-in is updated.
  4. Run the installation steps to install the Ephox Editors.
  5. Ephox Editors for IBM Connections ships with TinyMCE and services for spell-checking that require separate installation and configuration. Refer to Installing the Ephox Editors services for spell check