Configuring the Orient Me SSL settings for Elasticsearch

Configure the Orient Me SSL settings to connect to an existing stand-alone Elasticsearch instance.

Before you begin

If you installed Elasticsearch as part of the Component Pack for HCL Connections, skip this task because it does not apply.


  1. To ensure a secure connection, retrieve the PKCS12 file and key password from the Elasticsearch server.
  2. Save the PKCS12 file as elasticsearch-orientme.p12 and the key password as elasticsearch-key-password.txt.
  3. Update kubernetes elasticsearch-secret with base64 encoded p12 and password by running the following commands:
    1. Backup the existing elasticsearch-secret:
      $ kubectl get secret elasticsearch-secret -o yaml -n connections > elasticsearch-secret.yaml
    2. Update elasticsearch-secret as follows:
      $ kubectl create secret generic elasticsearch-secret -n connections --from-file=./elasticsearch-orientme.p12 --from-file=./elasticsearch-key-password.txt --dry-run -o yaml | kubectl apply -f -