Language codes

Use the language codes that are listed in the table to identify the language-specific version of the JavaScript or properties files that you want to customize.

Specifying language codes

Specify the language code as a suffix to the file name by using the format _language_code.

For example, customizationDir/strings/, where the language code _de indicates that the resource strings are in German.

Table 1. Language codes
Code Language
ar Arabic
bg Bulgarian
ca Catalan
cs Czech
da Danish
de German
el Greek
en English
es Spanish
eu Basque
fi Finnish
fr French
hr Croatian
hu Hungarian
it Italian
in Indonesian
iw Hebrew
ja Japanese
kk Kazakh
ko Korean
nl Dutch
no Norwegian
pl Polish
pt Iberian Portuguese
pt-BR Brazilian Portuguese
ro Romanian
ru Russian
sl Slovenian
sk Slovak
sv Swedish
th Thai
tr Turkish
zh Simplified Chinese
Note: If you provide translated strings in Simplified Chinese, be sure to also provide strings in Traditional Chinese. When the customer's language preference is set to Traditional Chinese, but that language is not provided, Simplified Chinese is displayed by default.
zh-TW Traditional Chinese