Customizing the Hikari theme

Customize the default Hikari theme in IBM® Connections.


To customize the Hikari theme, place the files that are shown under these directories.
  1. To override the theme, place your styles into these files:
  2. To add new styles to the theme, place your styles into these files:
  3. To override the application styles, place your styles into these files:
    Note: The Hikari theme does not support bidirectional (bidi) languages. However, you can add right-to-left (RTL) styles through customization.
  4. To customize image.png referenced in the following example rule:
    .lotusui30.lotusMain { 
                      background-image: url(path/to/image.png);

    Place a custom copy in the folder:

    Note: IBM® Connections parses the stylesheet, and resolves URLs of resources that are linked using url() CSS properties by rebasing them. In the example, IBM® Connections parses and rebases this as:
    .lotusui30 .lotusMain { 
                       background-image: url("/connections/resources/web/


The Hikari theme is customized.

What to do next

If you want to link to resources external to Connections in your stylesheet, and not have Connections rebase the paths, see: IFIX FOR APAR LO78594 for details.