Embedding Connections in an IFrame

You can customize HCL Connections to be embedded in an IFrame.

Before you begin

Connections includes a framekiller script in the header to prevent inclusion of the application into an IFrame hosted in another domain. The script resets the location of the top-level window to the URL of the embedded Connections application. The script is included by using a JSP tag.


Complete the following steps to embed Connections in an IFrame.
  1. Obtain a copy of header.jsp and login.jsp from any of the Connections enterprise applications. For example:
  2. Open the file to edit. Locate the following JSP tag and remove it or comment it out. For more information, see the JavaServer Pages tag syntax. Example:
    The following code is to avoid application vulnerable to UI redressing attacks.    
    It is not allowed to put the application into frame by default. Remove it if customer needs.
          --%<lc-ui:framekiller /<%-- 
  3. Save the changes.