Editing a query

You can edit queries that you create and save in the Personal Queries folder. If you have the appropriate privilege, you can edit queries in the Public Queries folder as well.


To edit a query:
  1. Right-click the query in the Navigator view and click Edit.
    The Select fields to use as query filters page of the Edit Query wizard opens.
  2. Add and remove fields to filter the query results. You can create complex filter expressions by grouping filters in the Filters pane.
    If you do not select any filters, all database records appear in the query results.
  3. Click Next.
  4. On the Define query filters page, specify values for the filters that you selected on the previous wizard page and click Next.
  5. On the Define display fields page, select the fields to display to format the query results and click Finish.


You can edit the filter field and display field settings individually. To do so, expand the query in the Navigator view, right-click Filters or Display Fields, and click Edit. To edit a specific filter, right-click the filter node and click Edit.


When you modify a query, an asterisk appears next to the name in the Navigator view to indicate that the query has been modified but not saved. To save the query, right-click it and click Save or Save As. The asterisk disappears.