Sharing reports on the server

The Report Launcher for HCL Compass does not provide a mechanism for uploading reports to the report server. However, report files can be shared using basic facilities that already exist in most organizations.

Use a shared drive
Store report files on a shared drive that is accessible by the Report Launcher server and by client computers that are used to create and share reports. Access to the shared drive can be restricted using the built-in capabilities of the operating system.
Transfer files using FTP
Use File Transport Protocol (FTP) software to transfer report files from a client machine to the server where the Report Launcher for HCL Compass has been deployed . FTP server security is managed by the FTP software.
Make files on the Report Launcher Server available using a Source Configuration Management System
Using a source configuration management (SCM) system like HCL VersionVault or CVS allows report designers to leverage the capabilities of the SCM system and store report design files under version control. Server administrators can use the SCM system to create directory views that are loaded from SCM streams. When updates are made to report files under source control, changed files can be refreshed on a report server by updating/synchronizing the SCM view on the server. This approach provides a simple mechanism for enabling multiple report servers to provide access to the same report files.
Capture report snapshots and export to a PDF file
You can also share reports with users who do not have access to the HCL Compass or the reporting tools by exporting the reports from the viewer in the Report Launcher web interface to a PDF file. After you save the PDF version of the report, any user that has access to the report directory can view the report with a PDF reader.