Using change requests in a development environment

HCL Compass is a comprehensive change tracking system for software development environments.

It can manage all types of change requests, including defects, product enhancements, issues, requests for new features, and documentation changes. HCL Compass uses a flexible workflow process that can be tailored to an organizations specific needs and to the various phases of the development process. Organizations can use HCL Compass to automate and enforce development processes and to manage issues throughout the project life cycle.

Before users create change requests, a schema developer usually sets up a schema for the project. The schema is the description of the change-request process for records that are stored in a user database. The customized schema includes change request fields, various processes (such as e-mail notifications), and user interfaces. HCL Compass also comes with out-of-the-box predefined schemas and configurations. Once the schema is deployed, users can begin submitting and working on change requests. Because schemas can vary so greatly from one organization to another, a group may find it helpful to document the schema that their organization is using.

HCL Compass can integrate with other products, including requirements, development, build, test, deployment and portfolio management tools - all of which help ensure a faster response to change. Integration with test management tools helps unify development and testing activities, from planning through results, for improved software quality. Access control, electronic signatures, repeatable processes and audit trails simplify compliance management.