The HCL Compass CM API consists of several packages.

  • WVCM: javax.wvcm

    The JSR-147 defined interface. The Workspace Versioning and Configuration Management package (WVCM) is the subset of functionality that has been accepted by the standards body. See for more information about WVCM.

    The WVCM interfaces form the basis of the API and provide a well-defined object model for expressing the configuration management operations and functions. WVCM is expressed as a set of Java™ interfaces with associated Javadoc information. The interfaces define the form of the object model, and the comments describe the expected semantics of the operations.

  • hcl.ccm.wvcm.stp

    The STP package is an extension of the WVCM package. This package contains the interfaces of the API and provides the common object model for product resources. This package is independent of product-specific repositories or implementations. It includes the common interfaces from which product-specific interfaces can be derived.

    General mechanisms of WVCM are enhanced with the introduction of meta-properties, an extended property request mechanism, and support for multiple types of repositories. Additionally, this package defines an interface for parsing and composing resource locations that conform to the common syntax for location strings.

  • hcl.ccm.wvcm.stp.cq

    The HCL Compass package is a product-specific extension that provides access to HCL Compass repositories, each containing product-specific resources and properties. This package contains functions that provide greater access to the functionality of a HCL Compass repository and its underlying resources.

    The HCL Compass package contains extensions to the STP package that provide access to HCL Compass resources.

A prefix is added to the WVCM base class name of the interfaces and classes in each package (for example, Resource, StpResource, CcResource, and CqResource).