HCL Compass CM API clients

The HCL Compass CM API supports a client/server processing model in which the client makes requests to a server to obtain information about resources and to make changes to these resources.

The client uses proxy objects to marshal data to and from the server through the API. Each proxy class defined in the API maps to a specific type of product resource on the server. By defining proxies to map to resources, this client-server programming model helps to distinguish client-side processing and server-side processing.

There is a well-defined naming convention for all methods to help identify methods that make calls to a server. For example, to read data from a product, a client application must first make an explicit request for the object or data to be read from the server and into a proxy before the value can be read from the proxy. Clients must call a do method (for example, Resource.doReadProperties) to request that specified values be read from a server resource. The client application specifies the properties to be read or written by creating the appropriate proxy type that contains the names for each property to be read or written. For example, if users have an application to access and update HCL Compass records, the API can be used to create an integration between that application and HCL Compass.