Upgrading a schema version

This procedure describes how to introduce a new schema version to a HCL Compass MultiSite clan by synchronizing the new schema to all sites before upgrading any user databases. You must follow this procedure to help ensure a stable and reliable HCL Compass MultiSite environment.

About this task

In addition to following this procedure, you must also not do the following when using HCL Compass MultiSite:
  • Delete record types and states
  • Change the working master if all databases are not using the same schema version
  • Change mastership of package-owned queries

To upgrade a schema version:

  1. Make the desired schema changes and test them against a local test database.
  2. Notify all users that maintenance has been scheduled and they must disconnect from all user databases in the HCL Compass MultiSite clan.
  3. Suspend automated synchronization between all user databases in the HCL Compass MultiSite clan.
  4. (Optional) Stop and restart your vendor database server to ensure that there are no open connections to the schema repository or user databases.
  5. Synchronize all sites in the HCL Compass MultiSite clan. After synchronization, check the incoming and outgoing storage bays to make sure that all packets were sent and imported. Run the lsepoch command at each site to verify that all replicas report the same epoch estimates.
  6. Back up all schema repositories and user databases in the HCL Compass MultiSite clan.
  7. Check in the new schema version at the master schema repository replica, but do not upgrade the user database.
  8. Export and send an update packet from the MASTR family only (not the user database family) to all other sites in the clan.

    multiutil syncreplica -export -clan DEMO -site SITEA -family MASTR
    -u admin -p "" -out c:\cqms\syncA.xml SITEB

    Multiutil: Packet file 'c:\cqms\syncA.xml' generated

  9. Import the update packet at all sites.

    multiutil syncreplica -import -clan DEMO -site SITEB -family MASTR
    -u admin -p "" c:\cqms\syncA.xml

    Multiutil: 1 transactions from SITEA have been replayed into the
    MASTR database
    Multiutil: Deleting packet c:\cqms\syncA.xml

    Note: At this point, the schema version exists at all the sites in the clan, but the user databases have not been upgraded.
  10. Upgrade the user databases by performing the following steps. This ensures that all replicas in the family are running the same version of the schema before you restart synchronization.
    1. Upgrade the user database at the working master site.
    2. Synchronize all sites.
    3. Upgrade the user databases at all remaining sites.
  11. Restart synchronization among the user databases at your sites.
  12. Confirm that all synchronizations are successful and that all user databases in the clan are using the same schema version.
  13. Notify users that the replicas are available.