Replica deletion

To remove a replica, you must complete all the necessary steps; if you do not, synchronization and mastership problems can occur in other replicas in the family.

When you remove a replica, the replicas in its family stop tracking epoch numbers for that replica. Removing a replica does not delete the VOB databasedatabase.

Removing a replica requires two synchronization cycles: one to transfer mastership of all of the replica’s objects to another replica, and one to inform all other replicas that the removed replica is no longer participating in the update process. Because this information can be communicated only through the synchronization process, you cannot remove a replica at its own site, because doing so prevents the replica from creating update packets.

After a replica is removed from a family, it no longer participates in synchronization activities and MultiSite information is not tracked. The replica no longer updates its oplog, and you cannot transfer mastership of any object in that replica.