Moving or renaming a synchronization server

You can change the synchronization server associated with a replica when, for example, the machine you are using has a hardware failure, or you must rename the existing synchronization server. You must update the properties of the replica associated with that host so that the store-and-forward facility can determine how to route updates to the replicas.

About this task

To move the synchronization server:
  1. Install the HCL Shipping Server on the new machine.
  2. Use the chreplica command to associate the new synchronization server with the replica.
    multiutil chreplica -clan telecomm -site bangalore -user kumar -password secret -host server3 bangalore
  3. If you automated the synchronization process on the old synchronization server, you must set up synchronization export and import scripts on the new server.
  4. If you use routing hops, update the host name in the shipping.conf file (Linux™ and the UNIX™ system) or MultiSite Control Panel ( Windows™).
  5. Export update packets to all sibling replicas.