Packets accumulate in outgoing storage bay

A recoverable error can occur when the Shipping Server is unable to contact the receiving host.

Problems with packet delivery are recoverable errors. In many cases, the MultiSite automatic-retry capability recovers from errors.

A replica-creation or update packet submitted to the store-and-forward facility for transport to one or more other hosts is accompanied by a shipping order file. (A logical packet can include multiple physical packets, each with its own shipping order.) The shipping order typically has an expiration time, determined by one of the following:
  • A date-time specified with the -expire option in the syncreplica or mkreplica command that generated the packet (or the mkorder command that submits an arbitrary file to the store-and-forward facility)
  • On Linux™ and the UNIX™ system, the EXPIRATION value in the store-and-forward configuration file (shipping.conf) on the sending host
  • On Windows™, the Packet Expiration value specified in the MultiSite Control Panel on the sending host

Any number of delivery attempts may take place before the shipping order expires.