Prepare the environment

Before upgrading HCL Compass, gather information about the server and clients currently deployed including server names, locations, and any information required to access and configure these resources. Identify your target enironment Also, make sure to back up existing client and server data.

Document the existing HCL Compass environment

Create a detailed inventory of the existing HCL Compass environment which includes information required to upgrade and configure HCL Compass client, servers, user databases and schema repositories.

  • Names and pertinent information about all administrative hosts, database servers, web servers, Shipping Servers, license servers, mail servers, clients, repositories, and user databases
  • The hardware and system software on the systems that run these servers and clients
  • Related servers and clients from integrations
  • The locations of each system and its components
  • The current HCL Compass MultiSite deployment
  • Any environment variables, behavior flags, or registry keys
  • Any web server customization, modified web configuration files
  • LDAP with or without SSL authentication information

Identify the target environment for the upgrade

Upgrading software changes both the software and your environment. Many organizations verify that the upgrade is successful by upgrading a nonproduction area of their network for testing. Use the test environment to identify special requirements for the hardware and software in the environment and to determine how much time the upgrade process requires.

Back up all data and repositories

Back up the following data sources and configuration files:
  • Schema repositories
  • User databases
  • Any client or server configuration files that were modified or created