Working with projects

All work in the ALM schema is organized by a Project. The Project can help provide the context, access control, and security model for your work.

These topics describe the ALM Project and the tasks involved in setting up a new project for defining categories, system-wide label types, and roles.

An ALM Project includes a collection of objects that comprise a Project definition, system wide settings, and existing HCL Compass User and Group administration.
  • A Project includes Role, Category, Release, Work Configuration, Phase, and Iteration records to help provide context for work.
  • Role records rely on existing User and Group administration.
  • A security policy is based on a system-wide settings and existing security context controls.

An ALM Project is a unique combination of a Category and Release of that Category, where Category can be a Product, application, service, feature, or other type of component. The project must also have a unique name.

Projects may arranged into a project hierarchy using the SubProjects and SuperProjects fields. Projects can be chained together into sequential projects using the PriorProject and NextProject fields.

You can use project planning records to define iterative projects by using ALMPhase and ALMIteration records.