Getting started for administrators

Administrators can define roles and processes for each project, as well as security policies to allow access to projects.

About this task

Users of a HCL Compass ALM user database work with specific types of tasks and activities based on roles. The ALM schema allows each organization to choose their own role names and what process steps each role may perform. The following section describes a typical set of software development roles and the process within they typically work.

The main concepts for administrators to understand when working with the ALM schema or packages are:
  • Projects provide the context for managing work created by the members of the team. Users are granted access to projects through security policies, and their actions are defined by their role.
  • Managing work is enabled in the form of requests, tasks, and activities. The definition of activities and tasks is driven by process definitions which can change from project team to project team.
  • System-wide settings can be defined for managing projects and work. The ALM schema provides a set of system-wide settings that you can customize, without impacting the underlying the schema.