Mandatory fields for ALM record types

The following table lists the required fields for each ALM record type, in the order in which the record types must be created for a HCL Compass ALM Project.

Table 1.
Record type Mandatory fields
ALMAdmin Label, Members
ALMResolutionCodeLabel Name
ALMResolutionCode ALMRecordType, ResolutionCodeLabel
ALMReleaseLabel Name
ALMRoleLabel Name and ApprovedActions
ALMCategoryTypeLabel Name
ALMStatusLabel Name
ALMTypeLabel Name
ALMIterationLabel Name
ALMPhaseLabel Name
ALMType ALMRecordType, TypeIndicator, and TypeLabel
ALMSecurityPolicy Name, ratl_context_groups
ALMCategory Name, CategoryTypeLabel, SecurityPolicy
ALMProject SecurityPolicy, Category, and Owner.

Name and Release are optional fields that can help identify project uniqueness. These fields are mandatory if a project already exists with blank or non-unique Name and Release values. You can also specify values for SuperProject and PriorProject if they exist and are relevant to your new project.

ALMPhase Project, PhaseLabel, SecurityPolicy
ALMIteration Project, PhaseLabel, IterationLabel, Phase, PriorIteration, SecurityPolicy
ALMRole Project, SecurityPolicy, RoleLabel, Members or Groups, Primary, and ApprovedActions.
ALMWorkConfiguration Project, SecurityPolicy, ALMRecordType, ALMTypeLabel, and Roles. The Primary Children Configs and Secondary Children Configs are optional fields. The Primary field is used to choose the default owner on the ALMTask and ALMActivities, and it is also used to select the mastership site of these records.
ALMRequest Owner, Headline, SecurityPolicy, Project, Type, Severity.
ALMTask Request, Owner, Headline, SecurityPolicy, Project, OldID,Priority, Type, Roles.
ALMActivity Headline, Type, SecurityPolicy, Task, Roles.
ALMBaseline PVOB_OrLocation, Owner, Name, SecurityPolicy, Project.
BTBuild Build_System_ID, ALMProject, ALMBuildType, ALMBuildStatus, ALMBaseline, ALMRoles, ALMSecurityPolicy, ALMOwner.
ALMComment No fields are mandatory.