Deprecated feature

OrderQuotationDisplay URL

Displays a shopping cart and its associated quotation information.

URL structure

http:// host_name/ path/
The fully qualified name of your Transaction server and the configuration path.

This diagram displays the structure for the AssignToSpecifiedFulfillmentCenter URL.

Parameter values

Specifies the ID of the OrderQuotationRel objects to be checked. The default value of this parameter is "*initial*parent.", an OrderQuotationRel abbreviation specifying all of the OrderQuotationRel objects whose type is "initial" and whose parent is one of the current pending orders for the current user. (OrderQuotationRel abbreviations are described in more detail in the help for Order Management subsystem URLs.) This parameter can be repeated.
The valid value is the name of a view in the Struts configuration file. The default value is OrderQuotationDisplayView. The name of the view must start with `OrderQuotationDisplay (in order to prevent a malicious user from executing an arbitrary view while still allowing a store developer to define as many views as may be required).
Specifies the list of name value pairs that should be provided to the View. The values of the name-value pairs are the identifiers of the OrderQuotationRel objects whose parent and child orders should be displayed.


  • Populates data beans for the specified OrderQuotationRel objects, and the parent and child orders they reference.
  • Sets the specified view.