Deprecated feature

InterestItemDisplay URL

This site level URL displays all the catalog entries and items in the specified interest item list or lists.

Use this URL with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure that the customer's logon password and personal information are encrypted. To do so type the URL with the HTTPS secure protocol.

URL structure

http:// host_name/path/
The fully qualified name of your Transaction server and the configuration path.

Parameter values

Sets or resets the preferred language for the duration of the session. The supported languages for a store are found in the STORELANG table.
The logon ID of the user on whose behalf the URL will be run. Only a person with the authority to process orders can specify this parameter.
Same logon ID as forUser, but identifies the user by the internal user ID, as found in the USERS table.
The store reference number under which this URL is run. If the value for this parameter is carried from the previous URL, storeId is not required, otherwise, specify storeId.
The reference number of the member whose interest item list is being displayed.
Specifies the interest item list from which catalog entries should be displayed; abbreviations may be used
  • If this parameter is missing, the URL behaves as if "." were specified.
  • If "." is specified, the GetCurrentIIListsCmd task URL is invoked to obtain the customer's current interest item list, and the URL behaves as if the current interest item list had been specified. If the GetCurrentIIListsCmd task URL determines that there is no current interest item list, the most recently updated list is used.
  • If "*" is specified, the URL behaves as if all the customer's interest item lists were specified.
This parameter can be repeated.
Specifies the names of name-value pairs to be accessible by the view URL that invokes a JSP file to generate the output for this URL. The values of the added name-value pairs are the reference numbers of the lists that are being displayed. This is provided to make it possible to obtain the reference numbers of the interest item when listId is specified as "." or "*". This parameter can be repeated.


This example displays a list of all the products and items in the customer's order:



  • Calls the GetCurrentIIListsCmd task URL to determine the interest item list from which to display catalog entries when either the listId parameter is specified as "." or it is omitted.
  • Calls the AuthIIListAccessCmd task URL to verify read permission for each of the specified interest item lists.
  • For each catalog entry in the specified interest item list, calls the GetBaseUnitPriceCmd task URL to obtain the current price, and updates the record in the IITEM table.
  • Sets the InterestItemDisplayView view URL to display an interest item list page.

Exception conditions

  • If the task URL assigned to the AuthIIListAccessCmd task URL fails, the AuthIIListAccessErr exception task handles the error.
  • If the task URL assigned to the GetBaseUnitPriceCmd task URL fails, a generic error URL handles the error.
  • If no price can be found for any of the interest items, the URL throws the ECApplicationException exception specifying the RetrievePriceErrorView error view URL.