Navigating HCL Commerce using the keyboard

All HCL Commerce components are keyboard accessible. HCL Commerce Accelerator, Administration Console, and Organization Administration Console can all be navigated using the keyboard.

About this task

To navigate between elements of an HCL Commerce user interface, press the Tab key on your keyboard. Use the following rules to determine when a user interface element is selected:


  1. Selected menu items, buttons, and links will be indicated by an outline around the text of the menu item, button, or link. The following pictures show the difference between a menu item that is selected using the keyboard and a menu item that is not selected:

    This menu item is not selected: Image showing the Marketing menu item when it is not selected.

    This menu item is selected using the keyboard: Image showing the Marketing menu item when it is selected.

    To access a menu option, button action, or link, press Enter once you have the element you want to activate selected.

  2. Selected input fields will be indicated by a cursor appearing in the field. If the input field has text in it, the text will be highlighted. When you have filled in an input field, press Tab to leave the field.
  3. Selected lists, including drop-down lists, will be indicated by an entry in the list being highlighted. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to choose between the options available in a list.