Accessibility features help a user who has a physical disability, such as a visual impairment, hearing impairment, or limited mobility, to use software products successfully.

The following sections represent the major accessibility features in HCL Commerce:


You can install all HCL Commerce Developer components by using the command line. For information, see Installing HCL Commerce Developer silently.

You cannot use a screen reader with the Installation launchpad or the First Steps wizard. However, you can access all of the information and functionality on these user interfaces in other ways.

Starter stores

The starter stores provide the following accessibility features:
  • Enables navigation by using the keyboard.
  • Communicates all information independent of color.
  • Interfaces that are commonly used by screen readers.
For more information about accessibility features in the starter store, see Accessibility in the Aurora starter store.


Management Center
  • All Management Center functionality is available by using the keyboard for navigation instead of the mouse, except for:
    • The store preview tool that launches from Management Center.
    • The Activity Builder in the Marketing tool.

    For a list of keyboard shortcuts, see Management Center keyboard shortcuts.

  • Each field, button, and widget in the user interface has a focus indicator when it is in focus.
  • All information is communicated independent of color.
Tip: Some Management Center properties views have a rich text editor for users to enter formatted text, such as product descriptions. To create accessible HTML content with the rich text editor, use the Display HTML function above the editor.

This accessibility statement for Management Center does not cover any additional tools that launch from Management Center, such as Sterling Order Management.

HCL Commerce Accelerator, Administration Console, Organization Administration Console
HCL Commerce browser-based tools provide the following accessibility features:

Third-party integration

To support certain functions, HCL Commerce occasionally provides integration with third-party software. In these cases, the third-party tool might not meet HCL accessibility standards. Adding third-party content to your storefront can introduce accessibility concerns. For information about third-party accessibility compliance, see the documentation that is provided with the third-party software.