Updating encrypted data using MigrateEncryptedInfo (server offline)

You can change the merchant key and update the encrypted data using the command line tool, MigrateEncryptedInfo. This utility supports two ways of specifying the values of the merchant keys. One is to provide the actual values of the old and new merchant keys as command line arguments. The other is to retrieve the values through the Key Locator Framework.



  1. Back up your database, following the instructions in your database engine documentation.
  2. Stop the Transaction server Docker container.
  3. Run the MigrateEncryptedInfo utility
    Ensure that you are aware of the following considerations when running the utility:
    The MigrateEncryptedInfo utility generates the following log files:
    • CCInfoMigration.log
    • migrateFailedRecords_TABLENAME.log
    • MKChangeUserAndCCInfoMigration.log
    • MigrateEncryptedInfoError.log
    The log files are generated in the following directory:
    • (In the Utility server Docker container) /opt/WebSphere/CommerceServer90/logs
    • HCL Commerce DeveloperWCDE_installdir/logs

    Review the information in these log files and ensure they do not contain any error messages. To re-encrypt multiple records in parallel, use more than one thread.