Listing a customer's returns

Use the HCL Commerce Accelerator to view a list of returns for a customer.


  1. Open HCL Commerce Accelerator
  2. Open the Returns list:
    • Consumer direct (B2C)Click Operations > Returns.
    • B2B directClick Logistics > Returns.
  3. Click Find Returns. A search dialog opens. Provide at least one of the following order information:
    Return number Type the return number, which uniquely identifies the return.
    order number Type the order number that contains the product to return, which uniquely identifies the order.
    Customer logon ID Type the store logon ID for the customer who placed the order and has the product for return. If this search dialog was launched by clicking Find Returns from the Return History list for a particular customer, the customer logon ID is pre-filled with the customer's logon ID for the store.
    Contract name Select the name of the contract. A contract stipulates the terms and conditions for the customer to shop at the store.
    Return status Select the status of the return, such as a pending return or a canceled return.
    Click Find. The system performs a search and a list of returns that match the search criteria is displayed.
  4. To work with an individual return, select the check box to the left of the return you want to work with and click one of the buttons on the page.