HCL Commerce Enterprise

Configuring the cookie for procurement

HCL Commerce uses a generated encrypted cookie to bind the session between the Punch-out setup phase where the requisitioning user authentication (if the user is new) and registration is performed, and the catalog shopping phase where the procurement system launches a new browser window for the requisitioning user.

About this task

There are four configurable parameters that are related to this cookie:

  • The maximum number of cookies present in the system at one time.
  • The expiry time of the cookie, in minutes.
  • The cleanup interval time for the expired cookies.
  • The maximum number of times to retry fetching the supplierCookie data from the cache (It can be used if the DRS has not completed the replication to all servers). A retry is made every 100 milliseconds. For example, with a value of 30, there are 30 total retries made in a total of 3 seconds.

To configure these parameters:


  1. Open the HCL Commerce configuration file.
  2. Change the MessagingExtensions element to the following:
    <MessagingExtensions display="false">
    <SupplierCookie maxCount="1000"
      maxRetries="30" />
    • ExpiryTime is set to 100, for expiry after 100 minutes.
    • maxRetries is set to 30, for a total of 30 retries in 3 seconds.


The procurement cookie is configured with the values that are specified.