Update_NC_ProductPrice message

The Update_NC_ProductPrice message is an inbound message that contains price information for a product. A back-end application generates this message and sends it to the HCL Commerce inbound message queue, where the HCL Commerce system receives the message. The system then invokes the ProductOfferPriceUpdate command which updates the OFFERPRICE table with the new price information.

The Update_NC_ProductPrice message uses the XML message format and follows Update_NC_ProductPrice_10.dtd.

The format and the source of the XML element values are described in the following table. For a description of the database column, follow the link to its associated table. All fields are optional unless otherwise noted. For database fields of type INT, the message element should be CHAR (12).

Level XML Element Comment Table Name Column Name
1 ProductNumber ByMerchant Mandatory CATENTRY PARTNUMBER
2 MerchantID Mandatory CATENTRY MEMBER_ID
3 PriceGroupInfo N/A N/A
3.2 Requisitioner GroupID OFFER TRADEPOSCN_ID
4 Currency Mandatory OFFERPRICE CURRENCY
6 Start Timestamp OFFER STARTDATE
7 End Timestamp OFFER ENDDATE
8 PriceCustom Field N/A N/A
9 UserData N/A N/A