Enabling DOM inventory system integration

To integrate HCL Commerce with an external DOM inventory system, enable the necessary message type transports and set your store inventory configuration.


  1. Enable the message types that are needed to communicate with an external inventory management system in real-time.
    1. Open the Administration Console in the programming environment.
    2. On the Site/Store Selection page, select Site.
    3. Select Configuration > Message Types.
    4. Click New.
    5. In the Message type menu, select Message for external inventory system.
    6. In the Transport menu, select WebServices over HTTP.
    7. In the Device format menu, select Webservices.
    8. Click Next.
    9. Submit the URL, User Name, and Password that is used to connect to the external order system. Enter the URL in the form, http://hostname:port/contextroot/servlets.
    10. Click Finish to save the configuration.
Complete the following steps to set your store to use an external inventory management system and load inventory configurations.
  1. Run the following to set your store to use an external inventory management system.
    update store set inventorysystem=-5 where store_id="$storeid"
    Where -5 indicates the DOM inventory system. For more information about the accepted values, see the STORE database table's INVENTORYSYSTEM column.
  2. Configure the external inventory integration configuration by populating the INVCNF and INVCNFREL database tables.
    Table name Description
    INVCNF Represents Distributed Order Management inventory cache configurations.
    INVCNFREL Represents the relationship of an item and/or location with an inventory configuration.
    If the INVCNF table is empty or if there is no record for the current store, insert records into tables INVCNF and INVCNFREL to setup inventory configuration and apply it to items and locations. Evaluate the value for fields in INVCNF according to your business scenario.

    The following sample configuration is applied to all items and all locations. The sample configuration enables the database cache, fetches inventory availability from the order management system when cached quantity is below 5, decrements the cached inventory availability after submitting the order, and updates it with information retrieved from the order management system.

    1. Run the following SQL to insert into the INVCNF table.
    2. Run the following SQL to insert into the INVCNFREL table.