Deprecated feature

ShipInfoPrepare URL

Reconciles the SHIPINFO table and ORDERITEMS table to look for orphaned SHIPINFO records, and deletes any orphaned records from the SHIPINFO table. An orphaned SHIPINFO record is one that does not have a matching record in the ORDERITEMS table. This situation can occur if a shipping address is deleted after a SHIPINFO record is created.

For example, suppose a customer, Mary, has placed an order and has entered shipping instructions, but then later modifies the order to change the address or ship mode. When Mary moves forward in the shopping flow, she will not see any instructions for the new combination of ship mode and address because the saved instructions were for the previous combination, which has since changed.

URL structure

http:// host_name/path/
The fully qualified name of your Transaction server and the configuration path.

Parameter values

Required: The store ID of the order.
Required: The identifier of the order to which the shipping information applies. Specify zero or more orders, using order reference numbers or one of the special abbreviations ".", "*", ".t", "*t". See the Order abbreviations for a description of these abbreviations. If this parameter is omitted, it defaults to ".".
Required: The URL to be called when the command completes successfully.
addressId_ i
Optional: Contains a distinct addressId value if shipping instructions are provided and depending on what shipping information is being stored, for the enumeration group specified as i. If shipping instructions are being stored, the addressId is the identifier of the address associated with the shipping instructions.


The following example causes the shipping information for order 445566 to be cross-checked with the information in the ORDERITEMS table to see if the shipping charge information exists for that address ID.



When the ShipInfoPrepare URL command is run, shipping information (shipping instructions or shipping charge data/carrier account number) is validated between the SHIPINFO and ORDERITEMS database tables. If shipping instructions are provided, if the address ID value of -1 is specified, the shipping charge data/carrier account number is checked against the ORDERITEMS table. If some other value is specified for the address ID, it is assumed that shipping instructions are associated with the address ID.

If the SHIPINFO record that is checked does not have a corresponding record in the ORDERITEMS table, the SHIPINFO record is considered orphaned and is removed from the SHIPINFO table. If the record does exist in the ORDERITEMS table, the shipping information is validated against the information shown in the ORDERITEMS table.

Note: When calling the ShipInfoPrepare controller command in a JSP file, be sure to include the form action attribute in the calling JSP file. For example:

<form NAME=ShipMethodPage METHOD=GET

Exception conditions