Deprecated feature

ShipInfoAdd URL

Add shipping instructions or a shipping-carrier account number to an order and creates records in the SHIPINFO database table.

URL structure

http:// host_name/path/
The fully qualified name of your Transaction server and the configuration path.

Parameter values

Required: The store ID of the order.
Required: The identifier of the order to which the shipping information should be added. Specify zero or more orders, using order reference numbers or one of the special abbreviations ".", "*", ".t", "*t". See the Order abbreviations for a description of these abbreviations. If this parameter is omitted, it defaults to ".".
Required: The URL to be called when the command completes successfully.
shipModeId_ i
Required: The order ship mode associated with the shipping instructions or shipping carrier account number for the enumeration group specified as i.
shipInstructions_ i
Optional: The shipping instructions associated with an order, address ID, and ship mode ID for the enumeration group specified as i.
addressId_ i
Optional: Contains a distinct addressId value if shipping instructions are provided and depending on what shipping information is being stored, for the enumeration group specified as i. If shipping instructions are being stored, the addressId is the identifier of the address associated with the shipping instructions.
shipChargeTypeId_ i
Optional: Identification of who pays for the shipping order for the enumeration group specified as i. These values should be specified in the contracts system, for example as -7001 for shipping charge policy ID.
  • StandardShippingChargeBySeller
  • ShippingChargeByCarrier
  • NoShippingCharge

If the shipChargeTypeId value is set to ShippingChargeByCarrier, then a shipCarrAccntNum value must also be specified.

shipCarrAccntNum_ i
Optional: The shipping carrier account number (free form text) for the enumeration group specified as i. This ID is given to a customer by a shipping carrier, such as FedEx, and is external to HCL Commerce.

Example 1

The following example adds shipping instructions to order 112233.


Example 2

The following example adds the same type of shipping instructions for different addresses in an order.


Example 3

The following example adds a shipping carrier account number 90807066 for a B2B order when shipping is charged by the carrier.


Example 4

The following example adds both shipping carrier account number and shipping instructions to a B2B order when shipping is charged by the carrier. When including both sets of data (carrier account number and instructions), you must increment the indexing for the second set of data by one.



Creates new records in the SHIPINFO database table.

Note: When calling the ShipInfoAdd controller command in a JSP file, be sure to include the form action attribute in the calling JSP file. For example:

<form NAME=ShipMethodPage METHOD=GET action="ShipInfoAdd">

When the ShipInfoAdd command is called, if there is a reference in the form to a URL (as shown in the following example), then you must exclude unnecessary parameters when the URL is called. Be sure to include the following parameters as excluded parameters in the input value attribute:

<input type=hidden name="URL"

Exception conditions