Setting up an account policy

An account policy defines the account-related policies such as password and account lockout policies. Once you have created an account policy, you can assign the policy to a user. Note that you cannot delete an account policy if it is in use (that is, a user is assigned to the account policy).

Note: Account lockout does not work with LDAP enabled.


  1. Open the Administration Console and select Site on the Administration Console Site/Store Selection page.
  2. Click Security > Account Policy.
  3. On the Account Policy page, click New to create a new account policy.
  4. Enter a name for the account policy in the Name field (for example, my_account_policy).
  5. From the Password policy menu, select a preexisting password policy.
  6. From the Account lockout policy menu, select a preexisting account lockout policy.
  7. Click OK.