Changing database passwords

You can change database user passwords (DBUserPwd) and database administrator passwords (DBAPwd) by updating the HCL Commerce configuration file and updating properties in the WebSphere Application Server administrative console.

Before you begin

Ensure that the database management system is started.


  1. Change the DBUserPwd or DBAPwd:
    1. Use the wcs_encrypt utility in the utility docker without a merchant key to encrypt the new password.
    2. Open the configuration file, wc-server.xml.
    3. Update the DBUserPwd or DBAPwd with the new encrypted password.
    4. Save and close the file.
  2. If you changed the database user password (DBUserPwd), you must update the WebSphere Application Server data source. You do not have to update the WebSphere Application Server data source for database administrator password (DBAPwd)changes.
    1. Open the WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console.
    2. Expand Resources > JDBC. Click Data sources.
    3. Click your HCL Commerce data source (for example, WCDataSource).
    4. Record the value for the Component-managed authentication alias field. The default name for this alias is WCDataSource_alias.
    5. In the Related Items section, click JAAS - J2C authentication data.
    6. Click the alias that is associated with your data source.
    7. Confirm that the user ID value is correct and update your user password information.
    8. Click OK and save your changes to the master configuration.


The preceding steps used WebSphere Application Server to change database passwords.

To complete permanent configuration changes, you might need to customize the docker file to execute Run Engine commands to preserve the WebSphere Application Server configurations. For more information, see Run Engine commands.