WebSphere Commerce Developer

Adding custom JAR files to the EAR project

Configure access to third-party JARS from within the WebSphere Commerce EAR by adding custom JARs to the EAR project.


  1. Copy the custom JAR to the root directory of the EAR project.
  2. Define the JAR as a Utility JAR
    1. Open the Java EE perspective.
    2. In the Enterprise Explorer view, expand WebSphere Commerce; right-click WebSphereCommerceServer; then click Open.
    3. In the Application Deployment Descriptor editor, select Manage Utility JARs.
    4. Use the Java EE Module Dependencies to add the JAR.
  3. Add the new JAR to the class path by adding it to the MANIFEST.MF file.
    1. Select this file Stores\WebContent\META-INF\MANIFEST.MF.
    2. Open the JAR Dependency Editor.
    3. Ensure that your JAR is checked.
  4. Republish the WebSphere Commerce application.