WebSphere Commerce Developer

WebSphere Commerce development database

The development environment is initially configured to work with Apache Derby, which is included with WebSphere Commerce Developer. You can configure IBM WebSphere Commerce Developer to use the other databases.

  • DB2 Universal Database for Windows, running locally or remotely.
  • Oracle Database for Windows, running locally or remotely.
  • For IBM i OS operating systemDB2 for i running remotely.

For information about configuring IBM WebSphere Commerce Developer for the preceding databases see Changing the development database type by using the setdbtype command.

You can use different database management systems for development and production. In this case, the WebSphere Commerce enterprise bean conversion tool is used to convert the metadata of the beans from the format of your development database to that of your production database.

The Derby development database in the initial installation of IBM WebSphere Commerce Developer has all of the starter store archives pre-published. You can publish additional stores or reset the database to its bootstrap configuration.