Disabling unused queries for the shopping cart agenda builder

If your store uses only Management Center to create and update promotions, you can improve promotion performance by disabling unnecessary queries for promotions.

About this task

If your store uses the default ShopcartDrivenAgendaBuilder, you can disable the two SQL queries that search for promotions that are not created with Management Center. These queries exist to access data that is not stored in the CATENCALCD and CATGPCALCD database tables for promotion calculations. If your store creates and updates promotions only with Management Center, all required data is inserted into these tables, and these queries are not required. These two queries are relatively resource expensive, so a performance improvement can be achieved if the queries do not run. To disable the running of those queries:


  1. Navigate to WC_eardir\xml\PromotionEngineConfiguration\
  2. Open WCSPromotionEngineConfig.xml file for editing.
  3. Locate the section PromotionExecutionAgendaBuilder and set the FullIndex value to be true. Ensure that the PromotionExecutionAgendaBuilder section resembles the following code:
    <PromotionExecutionAgendaBuilder impl="com.ibm.commerce.marketing.promotion.runtime.ShopcartDrivenAgendaBuilder">
  4. Restart your server.