Loading access control policy data

If you make policy changes by working directly with the XML files, you must load the changed XML files back into the databases.

About this task

It is important to maintain consistency between the XML files and the access control information in the databases for several reasons:

  • When you create an instance of WebSphere Commerce, the policy and access group definitions are loaded from the XML files.
  • If you want to implement the same access control policies in a second instance of WebSphere Commerce, you can do so by copying the XML files to the appropriate directory before creating the second instance.
  • The XML files offer a convenient way to directly view and edit your policies and their component parts, so keeping the files up-to-date is essential.

The loading process reads the XML files containing the access control policy information and access group definitions and loads them into the appropriate databases. The policy and access group information contained in the XML files is loaded at installation, however, you must reload the files if you make changes to them.