Marketing overview: precision marketing features

Marketing Managers can use the extensive precision marketing features in the marketing tool to deliver targeted marketing messages to customers.

Business benefits

Precision marketing features provide the following key business benefits:
  • Helps drive traffic to store website with features such as remote widgets and targeted email campaigns.
  • Facilitates improved conversion rates by providing shoppers with a customized shopping experience through capabilities such as A/B testing, search facet and search relevancy tuning, dialog activities, and IBM Product Recommendations.
  • Helps increase average order value with features that execute tactics such as cross-sells, up-sells, offers and promotions tied to orders, and product recommendations based on previous purchases.
  • Assists with strengthening customer satisfaction by enabling loyalty building tactics using features that provide personalized messages and offers, social media engagement, and incentives for repeat business.

Finding precision marketing documentation

Here are the main entry points to learn more about precision marketing:
Precision marketing documentation
Concept Details and audience For more information
About the Marketing tool Learn about the Marketing tool and how to use the precision marketing features of web and dialog activities to deliver targeted marketing messages to customers.

This information is intended for the marketing and product managers responsible for creating and managing targeted campaigns and promotions.

Marketing administration tasks Learn about the configuration scenarios and administration tasks that are required to support marketing features in Management Center.

This information is intended for IT administrators who are responsible for tasks such as configuring marketing, administering email activities, and testing and managing web and dialog activities.

Improving marketing performance Learn about how to improve marketing performance by using runtime caching to eliminate processing to and from the database.