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Troubleshooting: Promotion changes do not display after quick publish

If you are publishing promotion changes from a workspace to your production site with quick publish, the changes might not display in you store immediately.


If you are browsing your production site to view promotion-related updates that were made in a workspaces task group and were approved and committed, the changes might not display. When approved and committed promotion changes are published with the workspace quick publish, the changes do not display until the promotion registry in the production environment is refreshed. By refreshing the promotion registry, you clear the records in the CACHEIVL database table that are related to the promotion changes.


Typically a scheduled job runs periodically to refresh the promotion registry and clear the CACHEIVL entries. After this job completes, your published promotion changes display. If you do not want to wait for the scheduled job to complete to view promotion changes that are published with quick publish, complete one of the following tasks:
  • Refresh the promotion registry directly to display your promotion changes.
  • WebSphere Commerce Version or laterInstall the interim fix for APAR JR51059. After installing this fix, the promotion registry refreshes automatically after promotion changes are published with quick publish. You do not need to wait for the scheduled job to run before the published promotion changes display. Installing this fix does not affect the scheduled job to clear the CACHEIVL table. This job continues to run on schedule.